FASTANA-TDMRC Annual General Meeting of 2019

On Sunday, December 8th, 2019, FASTANA-TDMRC held an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to the 2019 yearly accountability report and to hold an election for 2020 General Coordinator and board members.

At the AGM, the current General Coordinator, Imam Maulana, and the board members presented their works for the period of one year length of service. He explained that during 2019, FASTANA-TDMRC has developed rapidly by holding nineteen independent activities which successfully conducted. They also received sixteen invitations for facilitation, three invitations to be participants of various seminars, and they were also invited to be speakers in three international conferences. Furthermore, members of FASTANA-TDMRC have now reached 60 members of students from various classes and departments. Afterwards, the members also took part in presenting their report, started with Head of Division, then Supporting Division, and Presidential Board.

After the presentation, the meeting continued with a discussion on the organization’s Articles of Association, followed by the election of the new General Coordinator and the board members for the 2020 period. The two candidates for the General Coordinator position were Akbar Rizki Maulana and Abdul Hadi Firsawan, who had become the final choices before the election was commenced. After the election, it has been decided that Akbar Rizki Maulana will be the next General Coordinator for the 2020 period. The meeting continued to discuss the assignment of the board members.

With its Annual General Meeting, FASTANA-TDMRC is expected to be better in the future in implementing its vision and mission of Communicating Science, Enhancing Resilience. It is significant to emphasize the importance of disaster facilitators as the front-liners of the implementation efforts in disseminating research findings to public to build disaster resilient community of Aceh.

Last, TDMRC appreciates this event and hoped that FASTANA-TDMRC always gives positive contribution toward their surroundings in 2020!