TDMRC and BPBA Held Tabletop Exercise for Tsunami Contingency Plan

Mr. Sunawardi in his opening speech
Mr. Sunawardi in his opening speech

Aceh is one of the places affected by great catastrophic destruction from earthquake shaking. The high mortality rate of this area requires a lot of effort in responding to critical situations so that people can be better prepared to save themselves. More than a hundred thousand people died (including those working at legal institutions). Many people went missing. Meanwhile, 500.000 people were homeless, and 750.000 people lost their jobs.

Insufficient knowledge and early warning system have contributed to a dramatic increase in the number of people who suffered in the disaster. This issue should be addressed as a challenge for all parties in finding strategic efforts to reduce adverse the worst impacts.

The drafting of the Contingency Plan is about enabling various components of society to make decision under certain crucial circumstances such as earthquake and tsunami, and determine further policies. However they choose. Thus, TDMRC with Aceh’s Disaster Management Agency (BPBA) must continue to work collaboratively to ensure critical responses and opportunities through Tabletop Exercise which was held on 24th of September 2019 at Oasis Hotel, in Banda Aceh.

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The Contingency Plan aims at Regency Government, Provincial Government, related Regency or City, vertical agencies, private institutions, communities, volunteers and others. On this occasion, several representatives of related parties joined our experts’ panel to discuss human response in handling the risk of disaster, the efficacy of actions that are being taken, and steps that the governments, employers, and individuals can take to address it.

This has been uttered by Ir. Sunawardi, M.Si as the Chief of BPBA. In his remarks, he said, that the Contingency Plan is based on a predicted situation embodied by developing scenarios and corresponding needs analysis. In other words, the Contingency Plan is compiled jointly by various parties, elements or community components. Further, he stated that it is intended as an effort for preparedness from all parties since the disaster management is an issue of mutual concern between the government, business institutions, and the community, in which the government primarily takes responsibility.

During the event, each party and or actor were playing an active role following their ability, field of expertise, competence, and authority as well as using available resources within the scope of their legal authority. Therefore, the discussion-based activity is meant to provide an overview of the drafting of the Contingency Plan. It contains an operational plan which is mutually approved between stakeholders and the community to prevent or be more responsive to emergencies in similar critical situations.