The signing of partnership agreement between Unsyiah and IPG

TDMRC Holds Joint Seminar with UNTL, IPG


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Representatives from Unsyiah, UNTL, and IPG presenting joint research

TDMRC Unsyiah was proud to receive Research to Action Grant, which is a series of activities to disseminate the research conducted with our partners in Timor Leste. The activity kicked off with an on job training (OJT) for four researchers from Universidade Nacionale Timor Lorosae (UNTL) and Institute of Petroleum and Geology (IPG), which took place at TDMRC office in Banda Aceh in April 2018. The researchers received training on tsunami modelling and geohazards for application in disaster mitigation. Following the training, a joint international seminar titled “Geohazard status in Timor Leste a research report on microtremor, seismology, and Tsunami,” was held at UNTL’s Auditorium on August 28, 2018.

Both of the themes – seismology and tsunami – were put forward due to the complexity of the Timor Island’s seismic condition, which involves several crusts and faults. In addition, history recorded that in 1857 a tsunami had struck Dili, Timor Leste’s capital, with a wave height of up to 3.1 m, taking 36 lives.

The seminar began with an opening remark by the Director of TDMRC, Dr. Khairul Munadi, and the Rector of UNTL, Prof. Dr. Francisco Miguel Martins, M.Hum. The first session of seminar followed with presentations on microtremor and seismology by Marcelo Marquez (UNTL) and Theo Luis da Costa (IPG), succeeded by (Dr. Muksin Umar- TDMRC of Syiah Kuala University). The second session took on the topic of tsunami, with presentations by Felix Jones  and Elizario T.G. Moniz from IPG and UNTL and wrapped by TDMRC Unsyiah Tsunami Researcher Dr. Eng Syamsidik.

Furthermore, the seminar came with another important agenda: the signing of partnership document between University of Syiah Kuala and the Institute of Petroleum and Geology of Timor Leste. The signing took place in the seminar’s closing session, with the signatures inked by Prof. Ir. Marwan, the Vice Rector of Unsyiah, and the President of IPG. The event closed with remarks from the Vice Rector of Syiah Kuala University, Rector of UNTL, Mission Director of USAID in Timor Leste, President of IPG, and representative of the Indonesian Embassy.

Representatives from all three institutions posing with distinguished attendants
Representatives from all three institutions posing with distinguished attendants

This seminar event took place in coincidence with the one year anniversary of the signing of partnership agreement between Unsyiah and UNTL. Among the attendants of the event were UNTL academicians and international NGOs such as IOM, JICA, and UNDP.