The group Unmuha Public Health Students participating in the guest lecture

TDMRC Gives Guest Lecture to Unmuha Public Health Students

Dr. Saumi Syahreza giving his lecture
Dr. Saumi Syahreza giving his lecture

A group of 60 students from the Faculty of Public Health, Muhammadiyah University of Aceh, along with two of their lecturers, took a visit to TDMRC on May 31, 2018. They were set to attend a guest lecture on the role of GIS in disaster management. The activity was a part of the Disaster Management subject given at the faculty.

The group was received by the Head of Hydrometeorological Hazard Cluster, who is also a member of the GIS for Disaster Management Lab, Dr. Saumi Syahreza. In his 2,5 hour lecture, Dr. Syahreza explained that GIS has been deeply involved in shaping various important decisions and is an instrument of information management for all aspects of disaster management. This support and information management role come from the ability of GIS to bring up certain aspects of a disaster situation through a map. Maps in general have played a long standing role in disaster management, even since far before the development of computerized and digital GIS.

Like in many other domains, such as engineering, development planning, and military, maps have given fundamental services in comprehending the geographical context of disasters. This includes information on what, where, when, who, why, and how, which are the basic aspects of a disaster situation.

Furthermore, Dr. Syahreza added that TDMRC, along with other government bodies and private organizations, has implemented GIS as an important aspect in disaster management measures, especially after the Sumatera-Andaman earthquake and tsunami in the Province of Aceh in 2004.