Status Of Forces Agreement Belgium

The parties to the North Atlantic Treaty signed in Washington on 4 April 1949, considering that the forces of one party may be deployed on the territory of another party after consultation; Bearing in mind that the decision to send them and the conditions under which they will be sent, unless such conditions are laid down in this Agreement, shall continue to be the subject of separate agreements between the parties concerned; On 29 April, after months of negotiations led by Belgium, the UN Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict reached agreement on recommendations to combat violations of children`s rights in Afghanistan. “The Security Council unanimously expresses its deep concern at the deteriorating situation of children in the conflict in the country. Of particular concern is the increase in the number of children killed and maimed, the recruitment of child soldiers and sexual violence against children. At the same time, the Council welcomes the efforts of the Government of Afghanistan to end the recruitment of children by the armed forces and national security forces. Belgium also has a military presence in the country. Belgian military personnel participate in nato`s Resolute Support mission. This mission has been ongoing since 2015 with the aim of leading, advising and training the Afghan security forces. “The Security Council welcomes the support provided to the Resolute Assistance Mission in building child protection capacity in Afghanistan,” said Minister Goffin with appreciation. `customs` means customs duties and all other duties and taxes due on importation or exportation. as appropriate. with the exception of taxes and charges which are no longer charges for the services provided; Any differences between the Parties concerning the interpretation or application of this Agreement shall be settled by negotiations between them, without recourse to an external court.

Save as otherwise provided in this Agreement, disputes which cannot be settled by direct negotiations shall be referred to the North Atlantic Council. In the coming weeks, Belgium, in its capacity as Chair of the Security Council`s Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict, will also conduct negotiations to counter violations of children`s rights in other conflict zones, including Iraq, Colombia and Somalia. This role is part of Belgium`s long-standing commitment to the protection of children in armed conflict, including through financial contributions to UNICEF. Members of a force may possess and bear arms if they have the right to do so on order. The authorities of the sending State shall consider sympathetically the requests of the receiving State in this regard. It is the duty of a force, its civilian component and its family, as well as its relatives, to respect the law of the host State and to refrain from any activity incompatible with the spirit of this Agreement, in particular any political activity in the host State. It is also the duty of the sending State to take the necessary measures to that end. Either Party may request at any time the revision of an article of this Agreement.

The request must be addressed to the North Atlantic Council. `import` means the collection of customs warehouses or the continuous deposit of customs duties, provided that the goods in question have not been grown, manufactured or manufactured in the host Member State. Belgium makes a significant financial contribution to UNAMA, the United Nations mission in Afghanistan. . . .