Hydrometeorological Hazard

Research Cluster Hydrometeorological Hazards works on research topics related to potential and post-disasters resulting from the variability, shifts and anomalies of hydro-meteorological conditions, including those induced by climate change. The multi-disciplinary approach is used to identify the underlying problems, to understand the process and to mitigate risks of their potential hazards to human and the environment.

Recent Research
  1. Statistical analysis of decadal records of wave climate at the west, north and east coasts of Aceh Province
  2. Return period of extreme waves at the northeastern Aceh based on decadal wave record data analysis
  3. De-coupling influences of post-tsunami and climate change: Preliminary spatial analysis of housing material conditions at the coastal areas of Banda Aceh
  • Dr. Saumi Syahreza (Coordinator)
  • Dr. Ella Meilianda
  • Dedy Alfian, ST, Dipl. GH, M.Sc
Research Assistants
  • Veri Yanti, S.T., M.T
  • Nazriatun Nisa, S.Si., M.Si