TDMRC under Syiah Kuala University were collaborating with the University of Mataram and BAPPEDA of City of Mataram in held an FGD for Coastal Management and Disaster Mitigation toward Sea level rise impact. The discussion was held on March 12 in
A research carried out by a joint team led by Dr. Syamsidik shows that the planned Banda Aceh Outer Ring Road (BORR) could be an effective tsunami mitigation measure if built to the height of 5 meters above sea level. This study was inspired by the
One of the TDMRC concerns is to elevate community awareness so that they are better prepared for any possible disaster in the future by education and communication through sciences. When dealing with communities, there are two challenges to be addressed
The team investigating the Palu tsunami sediment was comprised of representatives from the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS), namely Prof. Adam Switzer, Dr. Peter Parham, dan Dr. Jedrzej Majewski, and from TDMRC, namely Dr. Benazir.

The investigation
The Palu disaster event certainly left behind not only physical damages but also psychological injuries in the society. TDMRC-EEFIT Team conducted a preliminary study into this issue from November 17 to 23, 2018 as a part of the reconnaissance survey
Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC) of Syiah Kuala University sent a team to conduct a post-tsunami survey following the December 22, 2018 tsunami generated from Mt. Krakatoa complex in Sunda Strait. The tsunami survey was conducted

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Training Pemodelan SOBEK

August 28, 2008 admon 0

Dinas Sumber Daya Air Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam bekerjasama dengan Sea Defence Consultants mengadakan Pelatihan Software SOBEK yang dilaksanakan pada 26 – 28 Agustus 2008. TDMRC Read More

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Training Regional SOP Tsunami

August 12, 2008 admon 0

Dalam rangka penguatan peringatan tsunami dan keadaan tanggap darurat dalam pembangunan Tsunami Warning System khususnya untuk pemerintah daerah, Badan Metereologi & Geofisika bekerjasama dengan UNDP Read More

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