On Tuesday, 21 January, 2020, the Mayor of Banda Aceh, Mr. Aminullah Usman, received a submission of a research document by TDMRC PEER team in the Mayor’s hall. This meeting has highlighted the need for immediate measures to mitigate the impacts of coastal
Earthquake is very potential to occur along Sumatra and Seulimeum faults, without being predicted. To observe it, TDMRC Unsyiah's geophysicists and seismologists installed 40 seismometers covering Sumatra and Seulimeum faults, Seulawah, Sabang
On Sunday, December 8th, 2019, FASTANA-TDMRC held an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to the 2019 yearly accountability report and to hold an election for 2020 General Coordinator and board members.

At the AGM, the current General Coordinator, Imam Maulana,
To kick off the 15th Aceh Tsunami Commemoration, TDMRC Unsyiah and Aceh Government cooperatively engaged with the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI) to hold an international seminar on tsunami archive themed Reflection of Tsunami Archive
By bearing a theme of Raising Tsunami Awareness, Reducing Tsunami Risk: Sharing Tohoku-Aceh Experience, Knowledge and Culture, the AIWEST-DR was being successfully reconvened for the 12th times in Sendai, Japan for 2 days on November 7-8, 2019. International
Aceh is one of the places affected by great catastrophic destruction from earthquake shaking. The high mortality rate of this area requires a lot of effort in responding to critical situations so that people can be better prepared to save themselves.
With the hope of following after Aceh’s spirit in post-disaster recovery, ten policymakers from Palu arrived at Aceh, as participants of a workshop on Disaster Knowledge Sharing Aceh-Palu: Learning and Experiencing the Post-Disaster Recovery Process.

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