National Capital Commission Collective Agreement

OTTAWA, June 16, 2017 /CNW/ – After three days of negotiations this week, negotiations between the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and the National Capital Commission (NCC) were halted on Wednesday afternoon without progress or agreement. Last May, the NCC returned to the table with a limited mandate from the Ministry of Finance. While its mandate includes improvements in the collective agreement, it has not addressed any of the specific issues and concerns raised by the union. The parties have been negotiating since February 2015, when the two sides exchanged proposals and requests. For two years, the NCC delayed the process and refused to negotiate in good faith with the union. The three-day meeting this week only confirmed the NCC`s unwillingness to negotiate in good faith. is to start three weeks, and get different other vacation options For more information: Information and Interviews: Allison Pilon, Communications Officer, 613-883-0272, [email protected] There are many reasons why our talented collaborators decide to work at the NCC. To find out about job offers at the NCC, please refer to our vacancy notices or contact personalized customer services at 613-239-5678 ext. 5145 or – Mathieu Brisson, Senior Manager, Operations and Life Cycle PSAC had requested conciliation in January 2017, but the trial was suspended after a few weeks to give the negotiations a new chance.