Learning Agreement Iuav

April 03, 2020INSTITUTIONAL COMMUNICATION AND E-LEARNING PLATFORM03/12/2020Seeds, as announced in my previous press release, provide me with contact information to access the institutional platform. You will have the opportunity to follow the teaching of the different teachers who have joined the initiative to interact and have more support for the closing of the end-of-year exams. Below is president Avv`s video message. Fabio Moretti for all of them. Of course, from your comments, I wish you a good job. DirectorProf. Giuseppe La Bruna ABAV-LEARNING INSTRUCTIONSFor technical problems, three portal tutors are available to make contact preferably during office hours:Tina Rinaldini [email protected]Dora Parisi [email protected]Yue Liang [email protected Important]:Students already registered on the portal only:create a email in the format [email protected] where x will be replaced by B or T, B – two-year period, T-trienniumlog in with the old account and only edit your email using thefigure profile> ModifyThis allows you to make your presence more official and protect your portal and profile from fraud. We will give you a few days to do it, but you have to do it. Students who now register on the abav-elearning portal are invited to follow the following instructions: Create a Gmail e-mail for courses (free and simple) in format [email protected], in which x is replaced by B or T, B – two years, T – three years (for example. B rossi.mario.2354T – gmail.com where T means triennium, B for Biennium). Fill out the portal registration form on the forms.gle/sMxbpECE7j3Lf2XP8Warning link: Users who are already registered on the platform and who are already active should not repeat the registration using the form below, in case of loss of previous data.

Passwords for course participation are provided by teachers. To edit the email, simply type in the existing profile and change that. Sign up for new online courses. Some teachers ask to fill out a form to collect data and contact you. Others give you the password for their course in a way that they set up from time to time even by publishing in the profile of the course itself. It is therefore necessary to enrol in courses in the manner defined by the teacher. Teachers are taking steps to put material on the courses, and of course it will take a few days for that to happen. In case of technical problems, three portal tutors are preferably available during office hours: Tina Rinaldini [email protected]Dora Parisi [email protected]Yue Liang [email protected] Gruppo 3 – Paesi con costo della vita BASSO: Bulgaria, Croazia, Estonia, Latviania, Lituania, Polonia, Repubblica Ceca, Romania, Slovacchia, Slovenia, Ungheria, ex Repubblica jugoslava di Macedonia For reasons of educational organization, we cannot accept students for the second semester.