Inauguration of the TDMRC’s Disaster Laboratory Paused Amid Pandemic

Disaster mitigation laboratory of Universitas Syiah Kuala will soon operate in a new location next to Master of Disaster Science’s Hyogo Prefecture Building. This 3-floor building will be facilitated with several units of research equipment in the laboratory of each disaster cluster of TDMRC. Some of the clusters include the Tsunami and Computation, Geological Hazard, Hydro-meteorological Hazard, Technology Application, Disaster Education and Management, Human Security, and Socio Economic of Disaster clusters. Two workshop buildings that equipped with the smart simulation system of earthquake and tsunami, i.e. Multi-Axis Shaking Table (MAST) for seismic simulation and Tsunami Wave flume in the near future.


The relocation undertakes in stages as part of a comprehensive set of structural reforms to improve the efficiency of all areas of work. Due to the current situation, the building’s inauguration is postponed until further notice, yet it will be handled in accordance to health protocols to mitigate the potential for the spread of COVID-19 on site.

The establishment of this new building is a symbol of the strong commitment from Syiah Kuala University and TDMRC in providing the best service by disseminating the results of disaster mitigation research to the wider community. The Disaster Laboratory, which was built in accordance with the standards set by National Standard that respect to the updated earthquake loads, is expected to be a hub of disaster knowledge dissemination which effective, dynamic, and sustainable.

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