Georgia Prenuptial Agreement

As with Prenups, both parties should retain a Georgian lawyer experienced in developing marriage contracts to protect their interests. The Spurlin v. case Spurlin, 289 Ga. 818 (2011) highlights the types of situations in which a reconciliation agreement may be desirable. In this case, the wife sought divorce from her husband. After admitting to having an extramarital affair, the couple later reconciled and lived together again before the divorce was concluded. To protect themselves in the event of a new separation, the couple entered into a reconciliation agreement that addressed, as a preventive measure, the issues of division of spousal property, child support and custody. (It is important to note that with respect to child custody issues, the court reserves the right to make a final decision and that any agreed agreement must also be in the best interests of the child.) A reconciliation agreement is an important option to protect you in the following situations: We advise you to make a marriage pact in a timely manner before your wedding date, in order to give yourself, plan and ensure that romance is not removed from the big day. Each party should keep a lawyer to protect its interests. If under the guidelines set out in the Georgian domestic relations code, the pre-marital and post-ptial arrangements outline issues related to the division of matrimonial property and malnutrition in the event that the couple finally divorces. There are seven important reasons why a preliminary contract or post-marriage contract should be considered: the only areas that cannot be resolved in advance by a prenup are child custody and child custody issues. Negotiating a marital agreement before marriage, if each party probably likes the other and wants to be fair to each other, both parties can save a lot of money and stress if a divorce occurs later.

Although divorce is the last thing for a couple when they are considering getting married, sometimes with the certainty of knowing what happens in the event of a divorce can be a stress reduction. That`s where marital agreements come in. A marital agreement, which can also be described as a pre-marital or antenuptial agreement, can outline a number of important points, including: in the context of legal research, it is important to read the literal language of the statutes. However, it is also useful to read a summary of the status in plain English, as the statutes are often written in “legalese”. The following table includes a summary of the laws relating to Georgia`s supreme agreements, as well as links to the relevant statutes. Georgia`s pre-marriage arrangements must also be certified by at least two witnesses. A reconciliation agreement is a kind of post-marriage contract, a prenupe after marriage, which a couple who previously considered divorcing enters. Voting agreements can address issues related to the allocation of assets, assets and debt, as well as issues related to the child rights regime. A marriage contract may be executed and enforced by one spouse at any time during the life of the other spouse, provided it does not infringe the rights of another person, buyer or creditor. A marital agreement is a practical way to address important issues in a marriage that ensures the safety and peace of mind of both spouses. Pre-marriage agreements must be carefully crafted by a competent and experienced lawyer from the Atlanta Pre-Wedding Society to ensure that they are valid and applicable if they are ever needed. Keep reading about why many couples choose to enter into a marriage or post-uptial agreement in Georgia and contact Buckhead Family Law if you are in the Atlanta area and consider the benefits of a prenupe in your next marriage.