The Author Team of MDF Book Series Discussed with TDMRC’s Management Team

Banda Aceh, TDMRC. The author team of MDF (Multi Donor Fund) book series, represented by Dr. Gabriele Ferrazzi, made a discussion with the management team of TDMRC – Unsyiah, in TDMRC’s Meeting Room, Wednesday (4/4).

On behalf of MDF, he further said that he would like to observe and get information directly from TDMRC regarding its undergoing activities. Those information will then be used as references for his team in finalizing the MDF book series that contain notes and lessons-learnt for future MDF program.

At the same occasion, the Vice Director of TDMRC – Unsyiah, DR. M. Ridha, said, that TDMRC is now on raced in increasing its quality in order to welcoming the continuity of undergoing activities and the development of its organizational system in the future.

According to him, TDMRC has tried to strengthen its capacity in the area of disaster, like developed the Aceh Disaster Risk Map, made tsunami simulation, and spearheaded the establishment of Master Program of Disaster Study in Syiah Kuala University.

Currently, he said, TDMRC is also initiating a program to create Simeulue Island as a natural laboratory through Simeulue Tsunami Heritage Program.

He further said that the 2004 Earthquake and Tsunami not only being a human tragedy for Aceh and North Sumatera, but also for other Asian countries around Indian-Ocean, like Thailand, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Maldives, as well as some countries along east-coast Afrika. Because of the huge effect, it is necessary to take serious and comprehensive actions in reducing tsunami impact in the future. Therefore, the Simeulue Tsunami Heritage Program is expected can be one of initial measures for a deeper investigation about the issues.

Post DRR-A Project, he said, TDMRC will initiate consortium programs and cooperation with international institutions. He also asserted that post DRR-A Project, TDMRC will continue to exist and work with different format as written in the strategic planning of TDMRC.

Considering the excessive need of DRR programs in Aceh, Ridha expected that the government will give continuous supports to TDMRC for its sustainability in strengthening

“Though the Law on Disaster Management had already enacted, but the strengthening of government mindset still need to be encouraged”, he said. (hsp – nn)