TDMRC will Attend the Indonesia’s South-South Cooperation Forum

Banda Aceh, TDMRC. Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC) – Syiah Kuala University is scheduled to attend the South-south Cooperation Forum: Promoting Best Practices of Indonesia, held in Jakarta, 8-10 April.

The Director of TDMRC said that, this South-South Cooperation (SSC) is a collaboration project among developing countries based on partnership with the aim of increasing the prosperity of community through economic development. In this case, the Government of Indonesia has proved its committment in the impelementation of SSC program by carrying out various technical cooperation program, such as training and expert dispatch from Indonesia to other developing countries.

He, who is also a focal point of SSC, said that this program is a follow-up of SSC strengthening through SSC Coordination Team. This team has already developed a Grand Design on South South Cooperation and Blue Print on South Souuth Cooperation.

This event is included a one-day seminar and exhibition regarding Indonesia’s best practices. Some foreign diplomatic corps, international organizations, protential donors as well as public sector are planned to attend the event.

The one-day seminar will involves resource persons who will explain about the Indonesia’s policy in SCC program and its capacity in implementing the program. This event will also being a media to promote the flangship program institutions in Indonesia as written in the Blue Print of SSC as part of excellent capacity promotion of Indonesiato to donor.

Meanwhile, as an insitution which is focused on the area of tsunami and disaster mitigation, TDMRC will also attended the event. By participating in this event, TDMRC is expected can be known by wider community, both at national and international level.