TDMRC Structure

The Chairman : Dr. M. Dirhamsyah, MT
The Deputy : Dr. M. Ridha, M.Eng
Secretary and Secretariat Leader : Drs. Ridwan Mahmud
Finance : E r w i n, S.Sos

Capacity Center and Secretariat Team
Team Leader: Drs. Ridwan Mahmud
Reynilda Puspita Sy, SE
Mahdalena Almaddanny, SE
Rini Ermiana, SP
Miranda Sari, SE
Ibnu Rusydy, M.Sc
Wan Akmal Indrawan, ST
Imam Munandar, ST
Fachrurrazi, SE

For the effectiveness and in obtaining its decided vision and mission, TDMRC has established 4 division inter-related to each other namely:

Applied Research Division
Team leader : Dr. Syamsidik, M.Eng
The division responsible is to conduct applied researches in the field of disaster risk reduction (PRB) that will contribute in knowledge and preparedness for the community toward the risk of disaster.

Knowledge Management Division
Team Leader : Dr. Khairul Munadi, M.Eng
This division responsible is to establish, manage, and develop the disaster information management system that reflects multi-disciplinary disaster issues as well as to support the dissemination and application of disaster risk reduction knowledge.

Advocacy, Education and Training Division
Team Leader : Mukhlis Hamid, M.Si.
This division responsible is to improve the design of advocacy, education, training and to support policy making related to disaster risk reduction for the family, community and the government.

Professional Service Division
Team Leader : T. Alvisyahrin, Ph.D
This division responsible is to create products and services that related to multi-disciplinary disaster management that will provide support for the community, business practitioner, and the government as well as contribute in providing operational cost for TDMRC.