Aceh Tsunami Digital Repository (ATDR)

ATDR is system designed for electronic documentation that can store and manage data/information about Tsunami Aceh as well data/other information related to disaster.

After the earthquake and Tsunami on 26 December 2004, there are huge number of data and important information about the damage, life lost, and other lost. Furhter it was followed by the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Aceh where in its process generated a huge number of data and information particularly in the scientific context and disaster risk reduction education. These number of data/information will disappear if it is not collected and maintained. However the collected data/information will be useless if it is not disseminated or distributed through knowledge sharing. For this sake, TDMRC (Tsunami and Disarter Mitigation Research Center) supported by the government of perfektur Hyogo-Jepang, initiated the plan to build data/information digital repository

ATDR provides many benefits that can be used by the research community all over the world for a broad research, for an example a research collaboration and analysis from various point of view of the multi-discipline knowledge. Through this data repository, it will ease to access by the researchers wherever and whenever as well by those who will come up in the future.

Fortunately, ATDR that was established based on database web will be valid in inversal, can be accessed by anyone, anytime and everytime as long as the internet access is available.
The data resources for ATDR were the data/information that were collected during the rehabilitation and reconstruction process 2004-2009, such as the data from internal TDMRC, BRR, ManGeoNAD, SDC, GTZ, Wetland, Polda Aceh, Aceh government and so on.

The system used to store the data is a software open source, DSpace. DSpace is desaigned as base/platform digital repository data that is commonly used to store a huge amount of data.
DSpace provides convenience in recognizing various type of data in digital.
The collected and processed data, is accommodated and accessed through internet web. Web ATDR functions as metadata and searching: browsing title, subject, author, and so on.