Town Watching

By the collaboration of 5 research groups RISTEK, LIPI, JST, JICA, TDMRC-UNSYIAH conducted Town Watching as one of the methods in PRB activity. The method is an interesting method where the participant directly visits to the field to view the real condition, and the participant is equipped with an area map to observe, and camera for documenting dangerous area or not if the disaster happen.

The objectives of this activity including:

    • To improve the ability to reduce natural disaster in Indonesia, particularly in Aceh
    • To assist the mechanism of disaster management agencies through disaster management planning in the level of nasional, regional and community.
    • To establish Town Watching facilitator team of TDMRC-UNSYIAH.

The achieved outcomes from the activity namely:

    1. The participant of the training know town watching method
    2. Establishment of capacity building of town watching facilitator team of TDMRC
    3. Readiness of TDMRC facilitator team to show themselves or share experience to the community and schools.
    4. Trainer as a vocal point in the socialization of disaster awareness by town watching method
    5. The ability of trainer to upgrade community participation in observing the environment particularly disaster
    6. Establishment of culture love and care to the environment particulalry in disaster.