Readability Test

A good book is not only consisting of discussed materials, but it is also must be written with a good readability so that it will support the quality of education. The problem is whether the disaster comic book that is going to be published can be understood by all people or community particularly elementary school students and the students of junior high schools.

The objective of the research is to discover the level of book discourse readability and comprehension of the book, entitled About Water, My land looks like crackers on top of puree.

Some outputs of the activity namely:

    1. Additional insight for students about water, earth dan disaster;
    2. The students are able to describe the functions of water and the impact of drought (book about water);
    3. The students are able to understand the meaning of figures in the book about water (it has been proven when Pak Eko and Pak Munasri asked about the the things in the figure)
    4. Obtaining inputs or corrections about the book such as, the color is less contrass, needs more punctuation mark, less complete writing and so on.

Needs simple words for the terminology of terrestrial and disaster.