Natural Disaster Alert in a Spiritual Context

After the earthquake on 26 December 2004 in Aceh, a number of Aceh community are experiencing unrest physically and psychology. Lost of family, siblings, mother, father, children and others has made them (red.the survivor victims) lost their direction to take a part of the future. Due to this matter, so it is made spiritual-based activity whether through dikhr, talk, recitation and praying together in the field of formal and informal education.

The objetives of the activity:

    1. To create students who have faith awareness that every disaster happens is the God provision and they will be patient to accept it and will try to rise.
    2. To build students not to desparate toward the mercy of Allah Swt. And not constantly in a state of grief.
    3. To normalize religious life, social and culture in the community.
    4. To revive the spirit of students in looking to the future.

Several outcomes expected from the activity namely:

    1. Active of religious activites (recitation and praying together)
    2. Establishment of life spirit to look into the future and students’ emotional stability can be controlled. Creation of creativity among students to improve their intellectual, mental and spiritual.