Disaster Alert School (SSB) in Banda Aceh

The programme of disaster alert school (SSB) is an activity to build school capacity through the strengthening of knowledge and attitude, school policy, emergency response plan, school early warning system, and mobilization of resources, based on existing school capacity. Particularly in anticipating the risk of disaster, including earthquake and tsunami.

In the implementation of SSB, Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC) – the University of Syahkuala as the research institution and capacity development in Aceh, plays its role as a partner of LIPI-UNESCO ISDR. It is expected that, the established model in the selected school can be further developed and bigger in the vulnerable areas in Aceh province. The objective of this activity is to provide insight, participation as well to establish commitment of school community to pioneer Disaster Alert School, in the elementary level, junior high school and senior high school. In the future, science-based preparedness that has been established through this model school is expected to be as reference for school and other educational institutions in Aceh in developing desaster prepapredness in a greater scale and independent.

The outcomes achieved from this activity namely:

  • The facilitator who has capacity for TDMRC in pioneering other model of SSB.
  • Availability of SSB initial model by involving all school element that can be a model for other school to create school-based disaster preparedness programs