The Pilot Project Research of Flood Risk Management in the Selected River Areas Province of Aceh–Indonesia.

SDC in cooperation with irrigation department SDA and the division of research TDMRC developed research about flood risk management in the selected areas in Aceh province commenced from 2006 until 2009. TDMRC also has moral responsibility to continue the activity to study about flood risk management all over the province that is targeted as to include into DRRA (City Council) activity 2010-2012.

The agencies which were involved in the pilot project research namely (1) The Department Of Water Resource and board in term of culsultation with the department of Water Resource; (2) Satkorlak and Satlak in the level of province and kabupaten; (3) TDMRC – the University of Syiah Kuala; (4) BRR; and (5) Sea Defence Consultants. The pilot project sites are located in three river areas proposed for the pilot project of Flood Risk Management (FRM) (refer to map SWS Aceh province) namely:

    1) Aceh river area (SWS 01.01.01) close to Banda Aceh;
    2) Tamiang – Langsa river area (SWS 01.01.05) represent East Coast;
    3) Wolya – Seunagan river area (SWS 01.01.07) represent West Coast.

There are some outputs realized from the pilot project research, namely:

    • To develop the capability of institution through joint execution and training of Satkorlak, SDA and board, as well community.
    • Preparedness of a comprehensive flood risk estimation.
    • Establishment of flood hazard maps, that denote the width and the depth of flood with various flood frequency.
    • Better information /basic data will give a better access and easy use for the future river area and flood management.
    • Formulation planning FRM for 3 selected river areas with the priority of the implementation plan.
    • Improved prevention and preparedness in flood management through formulation of emergency response plan and establishment of community based flood early warning system, to reduce flood risk in the future.

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