Technical Training Design for Coastal Protection Work

Coastal damage due to earthquake and tsunami in Aceh has left a tragic record that must be managed. The disaster has also caused environmental change in the coastal area, including land degradation and shoreline changes that will gradually cause changes in the coastal structure.

Rehabilitation and reconstruction have been conducted continuously since the tsunami, including activities in the coastal zone. A number of obstacles in the process of coastal reconstruction and rehabilitation have been reported in reports and field surveys. The objective of the training was to increase the capacity of stakeholders in planning coastal work and technical design for coastal protection based on coastal-protection principles.

The training was conducted from 26 -27 May 2009 in cooperation between the irrigation department of NAD, TDMRC-Unsyiah, and Sea Defense Consultants. There were 26 participants, including those from Bappeda, irrigation and marine departments, and independent consultants in Aceh.

The crucial recommendations from the coastal protection workshop are that there must be comprehensive data and initial assessment of the problems that occur in coastal areas, along with developing the capacity of stakeholders in coastal protection by including design methodology and methods and technical design. In addition, input was obtained from workshop participants regarding matters related to coastal areas in Aceh in order to create a coastal protection plan that suits local wisdom.