About Us

TDMRC UNSYIAH is an abbreviation of Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center – Pusat Riset Tsunami dan Mitigasi Bencana) – The University of Syiah Kuala.

TDMRC is a research center that focuses on the efforts of reducing disaster risk and tsunami established by the University of Syiah Kuala with the mission to disseminate the research outcome to be exploited by the community of Aceh, Indonesia and international.

Besides, the building of TDMRC in Ulee Lhuee also fuctions as a venue or rescue building from the Tsunami and other disaster for the community.


The devastated earthquake and Tsunami that destroyed Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (now Aceh Province) on 26 Desember 2006, had caused almost 230.000 people passed away and 600.000 people lost their houses. A number of 1644 government offices, 270 markets, 239 shops were destroyed 2.732 worship places were damaged. More than 1151 schools and building schools, 33 hospitals and maternity hospitals were wiped away, 58 public health and policlinic were destroyed. It is estimated that 82% of road and 499 bridges were totally broken, along with 49 ports.

As the respon action after the earthquake and dan Tsunami, the University of Syiah Kuala (UNSYIAH) established UAR (Unsyiah for Aceh Recontruction – Aksi Sumbangsih Usnyiah untuk Rekontruksi Aceh) based on the decision letter issued by the Rector of Unsyiah No. 1 year 2005.

UAR has given a number of contributions for examples to bridge a coordination of rehabilitation and reconstruction between the goverment and the community in desaigning the blue print of reconstruction and rehabilitaion after the devastated disaster of earthquake and Tsunami.

In the running process of UAR, earthquake and tsunami as a basic understanding of the disaster occurrance, has encouraged Unsyiah to establish TRC (Tsunami Research Center – Lembaga Penelitian Riset Tsunami) as the center information of earthquake and tsunami. At the same time, it was established an initiative of mitigation effort if the disaster happens by establishing MC (Mitigation Center-Pusat informasi Mitigasi).

Viewing the similar activities of those research institutions and besides it was encouraged by the importance of collecting all data that related to tsunami disaster that affected Aceh in order to deliver an input in reconstructing the province, UNSYIAH merged both institutions into a new integrated research institution that is called TDMRC (Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center) that is under the legal umbrella under the letter of the Rector of UNSYIAH No. 418 year 2006. In addition, UNSYIAH has 126 doktorates from various fields of academician and experts from various knowledge field as valuable resources and must be under TDMRC, therefore the existing resources of human and material as well equipment can be the development center of rehabilitation and reconstruction of Aceh at once as the center of the influencial disaster management in national and international level.

Legal Basis

  • The decree No 1.2005, Unsyiah Task Force for the handling of earthquake and Tsunami, Banda Aceh, January 2005
  • The decree No 24.2005, regarding the development of Tsunami Study Center
  • The decree No 215.2006, regarding the disaster mitigation center
  • The decree No 418.2006, regarding the development of Tsunami study center and disaster mitigation with the Internasional advisors from the University of Kobe, Jerman and Sri Lanka
  • A memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the rehabilitation and reconstruction board of NAD-Nias, the government of Aceh and the ministry of research and technology with the University of Syiah Kuala regarding the utilization of science and technology.

The Structure of the Organization

The research center of TDMRC is a component of UNSYIAH structure. Although, budget, operational and the structure of the organization of TDMRC is independent
In the structure of the organization, TDMRC is led by a director.
For a more complete can be viewed below:

Structure of TDMRC

Vission and Mission


To protect the community through effective researches based on disaster risk reduction management.


“To become the center of reputable research and openess in the field of applied research of multi discipline knowledge, education, training, dissemination of information data, knowledge development and international service scale that is openness and reputable in the field of management disaster”


In conduction every activity of TDMRC, all members of TDMRC always respect values such as:

  • Cooperation
    The Staff of TDMRC apply cooperation as a basic cooperation with the government, University, the parties that deal with disaster risk reduction PRB, bussinss practitioners, donors, and the community that can add insights in the awareness of disaster response.
  • Respectful
    The Staff of TDMRC show respectful, tolerance, differences and equity for all related to sectors in national and international.
  • Transparency
    The Staff of TDMRC show high transparency and integrity in performing administration and service for all level of the community.
  • Commitment and accountability
    The Staff of TDMRC honor the commitment; show their high accountabiliy in various activities run by research center.
  • Quality
    The Staff of TDMRC manage to reach perfection in delivering services to the quality clients.
  • Always refer to the final outcome
    The Staff of TDMRC always take care and develop knowledge, skill and critical attitude as emphasis in delivering the product and existing services.

The Goals

To develop quality resource of disaster research, providing advocacy (suggestion) for the government in making policy, collecting and providing the best data by speeding the process of data collection related to the impact of disaster.

The Strategy

Establish and continously develop the capacity of technical and function of TDMRC including the staff, resource and it mobilization, the process of business financial and the policy of management to support an international reputation for high quality service and product of PRB.

The strategic plan of TDMRC can be downloaded in PDF here