TDMRC Handed Over ATaDRM Document to Aceh Tamiang Government

Kuala Simpang, TDMRC. TDMRC – Unsyiah, represented by its Vice Director, Dr. M. Ridha, symbolically handed over Aceh Tamiang Disaster Risk Map (ATaDRM) to the Regent of Aceh Tamiang, represented by Aceh Tamiang Regional Secretary, Saiful Bahri, SH, on Tuesday (28/02) housed at the Regional Secretariat Office. Then, the risk map directly handed over by the Chairman of ATaDRM Drafting Team, Dr. Eldina Fatimah, to the Head of Aceh Tamiang Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Zagusli. The document also gave to the Head of Aceh Tamiang Regional Development Agency (Bappeda), Iskandar.

In that event, The Regional Secretary of Aceh Tamiang, Saiful Bahri, SH, stated that they are very grateful and thanked to the TDMRC for they effort in preparing the risk map and elect Aceh Tamiang as the first pilot project regency.

He also hoped that the risk map can be utilized as an initial reference in the preparation of Aceh Tamiang Disaster Management Plan and its Regional Action Plan as well as in the physical handling of various  threat, especially flood.

“The presence of this risk map is very important for us in preparing policy and program to reduce hazard, vulnerability and increase the capacity of the community in facing various natural menacing. The BPBD is hoped to set priorities regarding disaster awareness and management to cope with future disaster in Aceh Tamiang.” He said.

At the same occasion, Dr. Eldina Fatimah, the Chairman of ATaDRM Drafting Team and Disaster Risk Assessment Specialist in TDMRC, explain that in term of flood extent area the most vulnerable sub-district to that hazard is Tenggulun, Kejuruan Muda, and Tamiang Hulu. But in term of life threatened by flood, Kuala Simpang has the most vulnerable people to flood hazard with almost 98.89% of its total population, Seuruway with 64% of its total population and Rantau with 63% of its total population.

The Head of Bappeda Aceh Tamiang, Iskandar, said that they are very grateful to the presence of the risk map. He promised that they will use it as one of the references in Bappeda to complete the preparation of local Land Use Plan.

In accordance with Iskandar, the Head of BPBD Aceh Tamiang, Zagusli also promised to use the risk map in the preparation of a more focused contingency plan and disaster management effort in his area.

“We are really looking forward to the supports of related government agencies to create Aceh Tamiang as one of the most resistant region to disaster. We also hope that TDMRC would give a continuous support to BPBD, especially to socialize the risk map.” He added.

In other occasion, the Vice Director of TDMRC, Dr. M. Ridha, said that ATaDRM is funded by Multi Donor Fund (MDF) through Disaster Risk Reduction – Aceh (DRR-A) Project. The project implementation is executed by UNDP and the Government of Aceh.

“The document is still inadequacy. We would like to invite all stakeholders, especially related government agencies in Aceh Tamiang, to collectively work in perfecting, developing, and increasing human resources capacity in Aceh Tamiang in the area of disaster risk reduction.