AIWEST-DR 2011 has Successfully Organized

Banda Aceh. The event of Annual International Workshop on Sumatera Tsunami Disaster and Recovery (AIWEST-DR) 2011, which is an annual agenda held by Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC), successfully organized on Tuesday (22/11) and Wednesday (23/11) at Hermes Palace Hotel, Banda Aceh. The workshop has reached its sixth annual consecutive events this year and in conjunction with 4th South China Sea Tsunami Workshop (SCSTW), which is concentrates on the implementation of various approaches for tsunami warning system, hazard mitigation and community preparedness throughout Sea South China area.

Though the momentum of seven years tsunami hit Aceh and earthquake shocked Japan in 2011, TDMRC encourages all related parties to look back the recovery done by proposing some retrospective questions. What we have achieved, what lesson we have learned, and is there a paradigm shifted on how we understand about disaster.

The workshop was inaugurated by Governor of Aceh, represented by Provincial Secretary of Aceh, Teuku Setia Budi. On his opening speech, Setia Budi said that the representation of various foreign parties from several countries to come together and discuss about some phenomena occured currently have proved that the event of AIWEST-DR has been one of significant parts in solving disaster matters.

“We expect that TDMRC as one of the research centers that focuses on disaster issues should consistently develop its capacity and networks that can helps Aceh perform better in disaster management,” he added.

Meanwhile, Head of Organizer Committee, Dr. Syamsidik, explained that tsunami hit the northeast coast of Honshu Island, Japan, on 11 March 2011, had made the world stunned again when this issue being out of news topic. The tsunami was not only affected to thousands of lives and destroyed to thousands infrastructure that had been built well, but also had caused another nightmare to community due to the damage of Fukushima nuclear power plant concerned could lead to other huge disaster. Tsunami in Japan had left nearly similar victims with tsunami occured in some countries located along Indian ocean region on 2004.

“Learning from both disaster events, we should build international community resilience to earthquake and tsunami. Ontherwise, there are a lot of recovery efforts have done and in going process with various consequences”, Syamsidik explained.

During the two days workshop, there are some reprensetatives from Ministry of Research and Technology of Indonesia, Dr. Teguh Rahardjo, The Deputy of Relevancy and Productivity of Science and Technology, and Prof. Tanaka from Kobe University attended here. The participants are practicioners, disaster activits, and academics from 15 countries.

This workshop is expected can deliver more effort and initiatives in formulating more comprehensive disaster management strategy, continuing learning and sharing process of disaster knowledge, integrating lessons-learnt from international community, and generating a strong foundation for sustainable international collaboration in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), thus communities aware to disaster established.