Cwa District 6 Labor Agreement

The agreement, announced on June 5, affects nearly 200 Wireline employees in Connecticut. The agreement affects approximately 3,000 employees across the country, including the USVI. The contract announced on April 26 includes nearly 5,000 wireline employees, mainly in Illinois and northwestern Indiana. IBEW employees covered by the agreement are members of IBEW Local 21 in Illinois and Northwest Indiana and other ibew facilities across the country. Since the beginning of 2017, members of the unions representing the workers of AT-T have ratified 12 agreements that bring together more than 70,000 unionized workers from ATT. The four-year contract includes approximately 20,000 employees in 36 states and ATT`s Mobility Orange department, which includes CWA Districts 1, 2-13, 4, 7 and 9. The agreement was reached on December 13. The work of Teamsters management in reaching this agreement is appreciated by AT-T. The three ratified agreements include the Southeast Wireline Agreement, BellSouth Telecommunications – Utility Operations and AT-T Billing Southeast. The agreement provides first-line care for all workers who retire during the 2017 AT-T Southwest collective agreement.

The CWA said that this was a major step forward in the negotiations with AT-T. It is also a “huge economy” for CWA District 6 members who retired as part of the 2017 agreement. The Alascom Local 959 agreement has approximately 150 employees in Alaska and was signed on March 7. Since the beginning of 2015, AT-T has entered into 29 employment contracts with the CWA and IBEW with more than 128,000 employees and has ratified unionized agents. The four-year contract includes more than 20,000 employees in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. It will be put to the union`s vote in the coming days. DALLAS, April 30, 2019 – AT-T announced today that AT-T Internet Services has reached an interim agreement with communications Workers of America (CWA) via the National Internet Contract (NIC). The interim agreement extends the existing contract by four years, which was due to expire on 20 July. Including this one, AT-T has entered into 26 fair employment contracts since the beginning of 2017. The workers represented by the Union have now voted in favour of the ratification of 25 of them.

The company appreciates the professionalism and commitment of the IBEW negotiating team and its efforts to work with the company`s negotiating team to reach a fair and timely agreement on behalf of ATT employees and their members. The provisional agreement will be subject to ratification of trade union membership in the coming days. It includes more than 1,200 technicians working across the country. Since 2017, the company has entered into 15 fair agreements with unions representing its employees, together covering more than 77,000 employees. The company has ratified 26 fair employment contracts since the beginning of 2017 and unionized workers have now voted in favour of ratification. If the agreement is ratified on or before April 7, 2017, a ratification bonus of $1,000 will be paid to each authorized staff member. The agreement would enter into force on April 9, 2017 and expire on April 10, 2021. Since 2017, AT-T has entered into 26 agreements with unions representing their employees and together covering more than 128,000 employees. The agreement, reached on February 16, affects nearly 280 employees in Delaware, Maryland, New Mexico and Oregon and annexes staff to an existing contract.