Autism Sa Enterprise Agreement

Address: 262 Marion Road, Netley SA 5037 Phone (08) 8379 6976 Fax: (08) 8338 1216 Email: Site: The link above is for your convenience. It provides information about this service provider. The Department does not necessarily support all the contents of this link, as it can provide information on therapies that the department has deemed ineligible for HCWA funding, i.e. there is insufficient evidence that these therapies benefit children with DSS. Families should make informed decisions about the therapies they wish to acquire and inquire about those who are eligible for HCWA credits and who are not eligible. Individual therapeutic interventions are short-term treatment options. Individual therapy blocks include 1 hour of visits on 1 or 2 terms. A full report containing programming proposals is made available at the end of the block. This program is transferred to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). For more information on receiving future support, visit HCWA and Better Start. Please note that some services may incash cancellation fees and/or other fees. For more information, please contact the service provider, which is not covered by early intervention assistance as part of the “Help for Children with Autism” package. THERAPY INDIVIDUELS PROGRAMS – Multi sessions reserved in bulk (over 5) and reserved for the home, community or school PROGRAM INDIVIDUAL THERAPY – Multi Sessions.