Air Force Interagency Agreement

See AFI 65-118 for the treatment of intergovernmental acquisitions, including acquisitions authorized under the Economic Law. (b) To meet the requirements described in DFARS 217.7402 (b), SCOs must provide a courtesy copy to SAF/AQC. Keep proof of submission in the contract file. (b) Before concluding a multi-year contract, the person in charge of the contract must check any restrictions on the status and other languages of the Congress. g) the contract agent must provide, through the SOZ of the SAF/AQC, information relating to all the requirements described in DFARS 217.172 (g) (2) for the processing of the authorisation. (8) If the contract is a space program contract (see AFFARS 5302), make sure for SMC that the contractor is not on the Contractor Responsibility Watch List (CRWL). If the contractor is registered in the CRWL, the procuring entity cannot exercise this option without the agreement (see AFFARS MP5309.190). (b) the power to grant exemptions from the provisions of DFARS 217.7404 (a), 217.7404-2; The maintenance of DAS (C) or ADAS (C) is not recoverable for the granting of restrictions established in accordance with the provisions of DFARS 217.7404-5 (b) 217.7404-3 and 217.7404-4. Submit waiver requests to SAF/AQC for approval through the SCO. (e) (iii) applications for authorization must be filed with the SAF/AQC through the CSA at least thirty days before an injunction is issued. For more information, see the “Customization and Results – Options and Quantities” template. (a) (4) See AF PGI 5317.7402 for contracts for long-term articles initiated by advances. Follow DFARS 217.74 if you are entering into contracts for long items that have been obtained with other means of pre-collection.

When purchase funds need to be added to an undefined long-term purchase agreement, which was established prior to definition with pre-acquisition funds, follow the procedures in DFARS 217.74. 5317.106-3 Special Procedures for the Department of Defense, NASA and the Coast Guard SUBPART 5317.7 – INTERAGENCY ACQUISITIONS: ACQUISITIONS BY NONDEFENSE AGENCIES ON BEHALF OF THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE See the Multiyaire Contractual Guide for General Instructions on the Use of Multi-Year Contracts for the Purchase of Supplies and Services. See MP5301.601 (a) (i). You can find more information in the customizable requirement for permission to create a UCA template. See AFI 65-118 for procedures for verifying and approving contracts awarded for supplies and services under non-doD contracts, either by direct or sustained acquisition. Contract managers must include the clause in AFFARS 5352.217-9000, Long Lead Limitation of Government Liability, in all long-term purchase requisitions and contracts initiated by pre-acquisition funds. In order to meet the requirements set out in DFARS 217.7405 with respect to the UCA Consolidated Management Plan and the UCA Consolidated Half-Yearly Management Report, SCOs must ensure that UCAs with a value equal to or greater than $5 million are entered/updated every six months in the UCA reporting tool no later than April 10 and October 10 of each year. For each reporting UCA that is 30 days behind schedule, update the status of the reporting tool to identify the steps taken to be back on the calendar. In addition, soZ shall ensure that a copy of the weighted guidelines record or alternative documentation for each defined UCA worth $100 million or more, as described in DFARS PGI 217.7405 (1), is included in the semi-annual report.

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