Mr. Margaglio with TDMRC Director and Heads of Research Clusters

Addio, Giordano!


Three months has quickly passed by and we are bidding farewell to Mr. Giordano Margaglio as he is flying back to his hometown in Rome, Italy before he heads over to Lund, Sweden to resume his studies. We extend our highest appreciation to Mr. Margaglio for all the significant marks and great memories that he leaves with us at TDMRC.

During his internship, Mr. Margaglio worked on some major projects, such as field survey to Pulau Banyak, the 11th AIWEST-DR 2018, and post-disaster rapid assessment in Palu and Donggala, Central Sulawesi. In all of these projects, Mr. Margaglio proved to be a significant addition to the team.

Hosting Mr. Margaglio as an intern has further convinced us that welcoming students from around the world to undertake internship at our organization is a necessity. We have learned that hosting international internships is as great an opportunity for us to develop as it is for the students. We are therefore looking forward to welcoming more international students to undertake internships at our office in the upcoming terms.

Finally, a warm farewell to Mr. Giordano Margaglio! We are definitely looking forward to keeping in touch and collaborating more. Until we meet again!